Prompt : Sasuke and Sakura accidentally had their first kiss. Sasuke feels embarrassed and happy at the same time, and he starts wondering about his feelings toward Sakura.

Ah, fluff. We meet again.

It’s been said that the lips are one of the most sensitive parts of the human body, concentrated with so many nerves that even the slightest touch can feel like an explosion to the senses. And for the nth time that day Sasuke absently placed his fingers to his lips, trying to push the memory of the day before to recesses of his mind, and yet, wanting to remember every detail.

They had just finished sparring, sitting together in silence as they gulped down the last of their water. They were sweating, the heat of the sun only adding to their discomfort. Sasuke thought heard Sakura mention something about a leaf in his hair, wanting to take it out, but he couldn’t be too sure; he wasn’t paying attention, watching the clouds drift across the sky. She said his name again, irritated now: Sasuke-kun, are you even listening to me? He rolled his eyes and sighed; she was being annoying again. He turned. 


There couldn’t have been more than a few seconds of contact—shocked, embarrassed contact—but it was enough for Sasuke to feel the electricity coarse from his lips to his veins, the heat rise up his neck to his ears and to his cheeks. It was as if his brain had forgotten how to function, both wanting to pull away and pull her close. He didn’t know what to do, how to respond. Frozen.

And now, Sasuke found himself walking back to the training grounds for another pre-scheduled sparring session with Sakura, his emotions akin to mush. He knew how he felt about the kiss: embarrassed, dazed, and—dare he say, happy? And though complicated in its own right, his emotions towards the kiss were simple compared to Sakura herself. Up until this point, he never thought about his feelings about her, never wanted to think about it. But their kiss, albeit accidental, forced him to see Sakura in a new light, forced him to wonder: was it Sakura that made him feel this way or was it merely science, an accumulation of signals sent to his brain due to an aggregate of over-stimulated nerves?

He just didn’t know.

But Sasuke had no more time to ponder this question, finally arriving at the training grounds where Sakura was waiting. And as she waved and ran over to meet him, her smile growing with every step, Sasuke noticed that she seemed fine, as if yesterday didn’t happen, as if he was the only one affected. He scowled. Impossible.

“You’re late, Sasuke-kun!” Sakura chided, wagging her finger at him playfully as she started to walk back to her things, “But that’s okay, I guess we’ll just end a little later today then.”

“Wait,” he said, stopping her mid-step, “About yesterday …”

“What about it?”

He swallowed. “You know, when I—” kissed you “—uh, hit you, with my lips.”


Sasuke wanted to die.

Sakura scrunched her nose and tilted her head. “You mean, when you kissed me?” But he only responded with a slow nod, as if afraid of what he’d say if he opened his mouth again. Sakura laughed. “Don’t worry about it, Sasuke-kun. It was—just an accident right?” He nodded again. “And, well, for your sake,” she paused, ignoring his glare, and gave him a reassuring smile, “let’s consider it forgotten.”

“But I don’t want to.”


For a moment there was silence as Sakura waited for Sasuke to explain himself. At first, he wanted to forget the whole thing—it felt foolish now—but he forced himself to continue, asking bluntly, “How do you feel about me?”

Sakura’s eyes widened, her playful confidence from just a few minutes ago vanishing. Her hand went to her face, feeling her blood slowly creep up to her cheeks. “I think you already know, Sasuke-kun,” she said softly, averting her gaze, turning her head to hide her blush.

And she was right; he did know. “But don’t you,” Sasuke said slowly, finding the right words, moving closer to her, “want to know how I feel about you?” He heard Sakura gasp, but he continued walking towards her. And while he didn’t know exactly what he was doing, he did what felt natural. Carefully, he lifted her head so she was facing him, their faces mere inches apart. He took a deep breath. “Well, so do I.”

Very slowly and very gently, Sasuke brought his lips to hers, the effect immediate. He felt the electricity. He felt the heat. But things were different this time, this kiss intentional. And while his brain lost its function during the first time, Sasuke now found himself moving on his own, moving through instinct, wrapping his arms around Sakura as he deepened the kiss and she followed his lead, stopping only when it felt like his lungs would give out.

“So,” Sakura said, flushed, breathless, her heart racing, “how do you feel?”

Sasuke smirked. “Not sure. Let’s try again.”

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